For Rapunzel, (her hair is) this constant reminder that she has this gift. She has a destiny, a purpose. The more you hold her back, the more her hair grows. If she had not been kept in the tower, I don’t think she would have had that long hair. It’s part of her problem; there it is. Always a reminder. - Glen Keane

“I have a little brother who’s 20 years younger than me, and when he was very little, the Aladdin TV show would be on and he would hear my voice and see the Aladdin character, so he said ‘that’s you!’, and it’s funny because that’s sort of how i see it too. I couldn’t imagine seeing that character and hear somebody else’s voice come out.” - Scott Weinger


Alan Maken/Glen Keane collabs

Ariel (Part of Your World), Aladdin (One Jump Ahead, A Whole New World), Pocahontas (Colors of the Wind, Just Around the Riverbend), Rapunzel (When Will My Life Begin, I See the Light), Beast (Something There).